The ProPapa Scholarship Program provides the basic cost for a student to attend school.  Although there is no fee to attend public school, the families re responsible for the providing a uniform and basic school supplies. 

The Scholarship Program provides a uniform (shirt, pants/skirt, and shoes), backpack, books and basic school supplies.

The cost to sponsor a grade school student for one year is $50; for a junior or senior high student the cost is $150; for a technical school (carpentry, soldering, beauty school) the cost is $200.

The school year runs from February to November.  The Sponsors receive a letter and a photo from the student they sponsor once a year.

he Scholarship Program began in 1999 with 26 students.  We now have over 300 students in the Program each year.  To date there have been 1410 students that have been enrolled in the Scholarship Program!

Thanks to all the Sponsors over the years who make this possible.