The History of the Medical Brigades

The first medical brigades provided basic evaluation and treatment services for patients at the clinic in Urraco Pueblo, Yoro, Honduras.  The clinic's official name is La Clinica Suyapa.  Early visits demonstrated a broad need for vitamins and anti-parasitics.  We were able to get these in the states from samples donated by hospitals or physician offices.  The root problem was also addressed by providing clean water to several locations.

More complicated patients were also seen.  Many had chronic conditions or deformities or infections secondary to trauma.  We also saw a tremendous need for dental care.  We soon added dental teams providing basic services including dental extractions.

Then the need for vision care became clear and subteams for eye care were also formed.

More recently highly specialized orthopedic teams have spun off and formed unique diagnostic and surgical teams focusing on pediatrics.