The need for basic housing is a fundamental focus of our friends in Honduras.  Benigno Ramirez, the founder of ProPapa Missions Honduras (PPMH), was abandoned on the streets of San Pedro Sula at age 5.  His story is fascinating, filled with both joy and sorrow, but he knew and lived without a home for many years.  He is now committed to providing shelter for those in need.

I had the opportunity to build homes in the Urraco region.  Children would toss a worn T-shirt over their shoulder and help carry blocks to build the homes.  We have built homes for single mothers taking care of handicapped children, families that have lost their homes and those cast out from plantation housing.  The reward of actively participating in fundamentally improving the lives of our Honduran friends is challenging to quantify.

The houses are simple, but their value as homes  provides a lifetime of reward for those who participate in the construction process.